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9-1-2020 till 29-2-2020
Exhebition at the Gemeentehuis GEETBETS

For the second time my art work is welcome to bring a change of coulours to the big entrence and a long corridor in the Gemeentehuis van Geetbets.

1 - 2/5/2020 = DELAYED because the Corona Virus risk
Open Art garden at home

Join me for a private tour in my garden where all kinds of artwork is exposed. And 1 free drink!

Monmartre Hasselt 2020

Annual market for artists every saterday in July and August.

First participation on 25/7/2020. As long there are no new restrictions because of the virus there are 4 saterday's left:

1 + 8 + 16 + 22/8/2020

Birthday Party Storm

Maybe a bit of a party somewhere ...

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