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Paintings, drawings & one-line-drawings

Do you like my style of painting or drawing. Check out the albums and list of different prices. (There is still a lot of artwork that I have to copy into the albums …)


A hobby within me is trying to take pictures of as much as possible different butterflies. My collection exist of more then 200 of these little beauties.
This got me inspired to make a unique double calendar with almost 100 different Butterflies.
First there is the colored picture calendar with the dates but not the day's, like a birthday calendar. Then there is the black & white insert with the days of this year. This can easily replaced manually every year. I can provide you the file to print by e-mail free off charge. You might think it's expensive but it will last forever.

Looking for a nice Photo canvas, or a Poster? Just ask what you are looking for and I will offer some examples out of my very large personal collection.

Stone Sculptures

Albast, ...

Recycle Art

I like to recycle ...

Prices ofArt

Pricing the Art

Prices are according to size, materials and artistic value.
Prices are on request.

  • High quality print 60x40 cm, 
    framed (70x50 cm) with passe-partout                 

  • Forex with aluminium reinforcement and fixation

     120x80 cm (5mm thickness)                                ​

     90x60 cm (5mm thickness)                                  

     60x40 cm (5mm thickness)                                  

  • Other options like a set of 4 placemats of the 4 

      labyrinths are possible ...

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