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Born 11/11/11: Artist “Storm” : Plenty of ideas, creative ingenious, thinking outside the box, free spirit, all this results in an artistic Storm blowing thru my mind.

What :

The storm of ideas, creativity and artistic spirit lead to 4 main artistic occupations:

Photography  -  Recycle Art  -  Stone Sculptures  -  Drawings & Paintings

First up Photography:

Even as a kid I was often disappointed by the pictures coming out of an old camera. The search for better results lead to an inevitable hobby: photography.

Recycle Art:

I see stuf ready for the trash but often I get a vision of what I could do with this and I recycle. The challenge of making and fixing items with almost no extra cost keeps me busy. 

Stone Sculptures:

Actually it was my mother that put me up with this virus. She's the creator of about 100 sculptures. I know where I got the 'genes' from. Apparently I'm not only a handyman in the house and garden, but got some talent and visions of how to turn a rock into something special.

Drawings & Paintings:

Last but not the least the way I like to draw. One day I drew a tree on my computer in one-line and I was surprised how beautiful it was. By drawing more trees friends started telling me thy liked my drawings. The next step was to draw more than trees. Inspired by a previous drawing the one-line drawings came alive.

Why :

Most of the time "thumbs up" are received from artists and people with artistic minds. But also because off the many compliments in general, the need to share my creations has been a big stimulation. Not to everybody’s taste, but none the less appreciated, there’s a wide range of possibility’s to incorporate the artwork into the home or other …

Where :

Somewhere in the east of Belgium, in a village called Zoutleeuw.


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