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Art is an expression of

different kind of emotions and feelings in

different kind of forms, to be enjoyed by

different kind of people, in

different kind of ways.

(Artistic Storm)

Art ? ...

Art ? ...

When do you call it Art?

  In my opinion:

There are no rules in art  . . .  Yet still one tends to keep on thinking inside a box. 

For example, to me a photographer creates “paintings”. The only difference with a regular painting is the “how” and the “tool”. He uses  a camera instead of a brush. And, it’s the man behind the camera that decides to creates his painting by selecting where to zoom and choosing a specific part or detail of an object to be sharp.

Same go’s for a design that’s been made on a  computer. Even if it is or seems easier,  the results to me are the same. You like it or don't.

Let's look from another perspective: If you enter a room and notice a beautiful  “peace of art hanging on the wall,  does it matter if it’s made on a canvas with a brush of created by the computer mouse and then printed?

Does it matter if making a painting is more difficult? Even so, to make special drawings on the computer, one also has to know how to use a drawing program or you won’t be able to create what’s in your vision.

Art ? ...

Art ? ...

Nature makes art!

You have to "see"  it and "harvest"

(if permitted and in any way)

*Artistic Storm

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